The Fort La Bosse Classical Arms Gun Club is located in the beautiful Assiniboine Valley, just north of Virden, Manitoba. The scenic location, excellent ranges and facilities make your shooting experience all that it can be.  We welcome all inquiries regarding membership.

The FLBCAGC ranges consist of the following:

  • 300 yard Rifle Range
  • 4 – 40 yard Pistol Ranges
  • A “Running Deer” target is incorporated into the 300 yard range along with hanging gongs and target stands.

During matches and special events, reactive falling targets and other “match appropriate” targets are also used to further enhance the shooting challenge and enjoyment.

The ranges are approved allow both center fire rifle and pistols as well as muzzle loaders, shotguns and all rim fires.

The Fort La Bosse Classical Arms Gun Club puts on a wide variety of matches and meets throughout the year. For a complete listing of the calendar of events, check out our Events listing and don’t forget to keep checking back frequently as we are always adding things to the calendar. This is our next upcoming match.

Missed a match? Want to find out how a buddy did at one of the shoots? A list of all of the match results for our calendar year are located on the results page.




Sept 11 2016 shoot


Here are the 2016 Match Dates:
(please check prior to coming out. Matches subject to weather, etc…)

Pin Matches: May 1st and October 16th. Matt/Marlon/Tyson

.22LR Match: *July 17th To be done by non-directors but supervised. Guy/RyanS/Evan

3-Gun Matches: May 29th and *Sept 11th Dave/Marlon

Sporting Clays: June 12th and *Sept 25th Guy/MattS/RodS

Range will be closed to the Public for these events:

Wolverine Days: June 25th and 26th

Glock Days: August 20th

RCMP Training: June 13/14/15

Membership The annual membership fee is $55.00. The membership includes 5 million dollars of liability insurance. Join the Fort La Bosse Classical Arms Gun Club and enjoy the shooting experience today!

2014 Pin Match Results:

Open Class

Laurence & Bill    4:39

Kevin & Henry 5:00

Guy & Wolfgang 5:51

Matt & Glenn 6:50

Dwight & Richard 8:08

Rhys & Jahdon 9:55

Bolt Class

Kelly & Brian 5:08

Wolfgang & Guy 6:59

Mike & Carson 7:59


Hi all

Hopefully spring has finally arrived, with it we now have wet ground conditions. Please use your common sense and keep all trucks and cars off the range when the ground is wet or soft. If you have a 4×4 truck with new tyres please don’t try her out on the range! 🙂 If members do not respect this request I will have fence off the range and then you will have to sign out a key and that will a major inconvenience for all of us.

Targets: please do not shoot at the rifle targets with shotguns unless using slugs. The pepper poppers on the pistol ranges are to be shot at with handgun cartridges only. The biathlon targets are for .22 RF only. If you have to shoot your pop cans and drink bottles please place them in the garbage when you have finished. BRICKS are not suitable targets, please do not use them. If you use the rifle steel plates on the rifle range at any place other than on the back stop berm please return them to the target shed area when you have finished.

I have purchased a new 10 ft mower and the range will be kept mowed all year for your convenience. My mower does not digest bricks and steel plates very well! 🙂

Very shortly the Club will have a new 12 x 36 covered firing point constructed at 260 meters, this will allow range use during bad weather.

Any club member not following these directions or damaging club targets or property will have their membership revoked.

Thank you.

John Hipwell
Chief RSO

Fort La Bosse Classical Arms Gun Club


Box 729 Virden, Manitoba Canada, R0M 2C0

Ph: 204-748-2454 Fax: 204-748-1805

Email:John Hipwell